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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Benefits of Hiring an Artists Management Company

A lot of people believe that artist managers are just out to fleece artists out of their hard earned money thus they will opt to not have one. This misconception of what an artist manager is has seen many go down the road of self-managing their careers, and with disastrous results. The truth is, as an artiste you cannot do it all alone. However talented you might be, you cannot manage all aspects of your career single handedly. You most definitely need an artists management company to deal with certain aspects of your career, whether you are a musician or a band or even an actor.

Here are some reasons why hiring an artist manager, is a good idea:

Your manager is tasked with the responsibility of offering career guidance for you. As an artiste, it is easy to get confused by everything happening around you. This is even worse if you are a new artiste. The feeling of being in uncharted waters can be overwhelming and that is when having a manager comes in handy. A manager is able to look at everything objectively and point out what you need to do. He/she has experience knowing what works and what doesn’t.

As an artist, you already know the importance of having people cheering you on. This kind of cheerleading boosts your morale and gives you the motivation to go on. Celebrity management companies are cheerleaders in that they ensure the music business community knows about the capabilities of the artist they are representing. It is important for you to get deals, endorsements, contracts and so on. You can only get this if there’s someone speaking about you constantly to the right people.

There is some sort of prestige that comes with having an artists management company working for you. The thinking here is that if you are good enough to have a manager, you are worth taking a second look at. Some record labels will even refuse to give contracts to artists who don’t have managers as they are said to come with too much drama.

As an artist, you will come across many different kinds of people who will be hoping to do business with you. Some of these people will unfortunately be scammers and fraudsters. Having a manager protects you from such types and ensures you only engage in legitimate business deals. Most scammers will think twice about approaching someone who has a manager.

Celebrity management services are vital in ensuring proper time management and organization of an artist’s schedule. The truth is that you don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done. In between writing songs, recording, keeping in touch with your fans through social media, overseeing the branding of your merchandise, buying all the things you require for your career, you are going to feel overwhelmed. You need a manager to handle some of these tasks for you.

Artists management companies are also tasked with the responsibility of keeping concerned parties accountable. If you sign a deal and it doesn’t go through, your manager follows that up. If someone pays you and the check bounces, your manager will know what to do.

Do not be the artiste that thinks you can do everything on your own. Hire us today and let us take some of that load off you.

5 Secrets of a Professional Musician

And if music has been your first choice for a career, then it might be even harder if you don’t have sound knowledge. You as professional musicians wanted to manage your professional life well, didn’t you?
Here with a few tips that might help you manage your profession just as well as your personal life:

Are you always late? This is not a very good idea

A lot of musicians miss this basic tip. There are lots of pros that do not keep track of time and arrive late at concerts, parties and events. Being punctual is the only way to do it right. Valuing your professional obligations and prioritizing them over personal life is what you all as professional musicians wanted to do.
If you are expected at an event, it is thought that arriving late grabs the attention of the entire audience.

However, in doing so, sometimes you might upset organizers and might leave the attendance waiting for your arrival for a little too long. Make sure that this does not happen and that you are there on time.

There are several advantages of adopting a Being Punctual strategy. You get ample time to warm up just before your performance. Also, it is very common for a band to have common misconceptions till the very last minute.

With you having ample time to warm up and plan your performance, it is likely you are going to clear out all misunderstandings just in time.

Finding the wrong equipment with you?

The last thing you as musicians wanted to know was the gear you packed for has something missing and/or is irrelevant. Don’t entrust the task of packing your gear to ANYBODY else but yourself. Respect your equipment and pack with great care.

Also, if you are expected to bring a range of drums/guitars or other equipment, it is better you list everything down. Tick-mark each item that is loaded on the van and. Load everything carefully, in proper amounts.
There are lots of people who would want you to give off some merchandise as well. Items such as copies of your most successful album CDs, hats, T-shirts, posters and even bracelets can give a nice impression.

Professional musicians do this quite a lot.
If you have a band that is going well on its way and is now a local star, you should consider giving away some autographed merchandise for free.

How easily can employers reach you?

This helps for work to get to you and not the other way around. The wider your social circle is and the better you are networking with other professional musicians in the industry, the brighter the chances of finding the right gig.

There are so many things over the internet that are completely free today, such as social media accounts, having online chat apps such as Skype and Viber, having multiple email accounts and also, having your own blog.

Musicians wanted to contact you; they will know where to find you and how to get in touch. The more options you provide to them, the better your chances are of getting contacted soon.

Also, in today’s highly competent music industry, communication is considered key. Effective communication skills are very important if you are to survive tough competition that the chart-toppers are going to provide you.

How well do you respond to challenges and professional criticism?

The “I don’t care” attitude only suits people who have a lot on their resume. With you just beginning to receive recognition for talent, it is not recommendable that you do same to the criticism that you receive. Instead, regard it as an opportunity and think of the critic as an investment.

He/she is bringing the attention of others to you, now you have to rock the stage and prove that you as a musician really are talented.

Hatred is something very different than criticism, and the sooner you realize the difference, the more you will learn from your mistakes. We all as musicians wanted to grow, don’t we? Welcoming challenges is part of the self-development process.

Do you lose your head when problems knock the door?

An interested employer wants to see you in half an hour and will be expecting you at Point B with your gear. Now what? Do you have a Plan B to save yourself from the embarrassment of not being able to reach there in time? Have a vehicle that can carry your equipment at all times and is ready to roll whenever you want it.
Also, it is wise to have a friend with you that can help you out at such times if you don’t have a vehicle of your own. Taking a cab or arranging for one at the last moment is really not going to do the trick.

Ways to get Money with Your Music Covering ?

Playing covers isn’t the dream, I know. But it does pay the bills while you work on your “real” music. It also hones your performance and songwriting skills. Surgeons don’t always get to do the history-making operation, and lawyers don’t always get to argue a case in front of a judge.
If music is a profession and not a hobby, then sometimes we have to do what it takes to make a living and invest in our business. And for those who are worried about their rep playing covers: Do you want respect for being a starving artist or do you want a sustainable career as a musician?
Open-mic nights are great for introducing original music, but they don’t pay. Cover gigs are guaranteed money (a couple hundred a night on average). So I think we can all agree that playing covers is better than working at Wal-Mart, right?
And there are ways you can use cover gigs to boost your real music by growing your fan base and introducing your originals to a new audience. So let’s at least consider what playing covers at public and private gigs has to offer.

Public Gigs
Yep, clubs and restaurants. You’ll be playing what they wanna hear while they talk to their friends and mostly ignore you. But most owners will let you slip in an original or two here and there, which does capture attention. And you don’t have to be at the mercy of clubs and restaurants. There are other public options, too.
I’ve heard that brands are using music to attract buyers. Retail stores are hiring bands for festivals, special events and grand openings. People love to hear music in unexpected places. So think bowling alleys, outdoor events and movie theaters. Challenge your creativity and brainstorm possible opportunities.
All of the above gets your name out there, and allows you to network with people who can help you, attract new fans and sell your merchandise. If your ultimate goal is to build a career with your own music, make sure you have business cards that identify you as a songwriter with a URL they can visit to stream your originals.

Private Gigs
Yep, weddings. Which pay between $1,000 and $3,000 guaranteed. Plus, you never know who’s gonna be there. This lame gig could be your big break, dressed up in white lace and lemon meringue.
But let’s not forget corporate gigs, which pay even more. As Boomers leave the workforce, companies are all about retaining young employees. So corporate event planners are booking more acts that appeal to the millennial set. Word has it that these gigs pay more for less play and provide great food.
And house concerts ROCK. These are paid opportunities to increase your fan base, introduce original songs and take home all of the door. Find a loyal, passionate fan—even if it’s your hipster aunt—who knows a lot of people, can throw a good party and charge admission. Doesn’t get any better than that. House parties are a sweet gig.
Before you go after the gig…

    Know your identity. Bands/artists with a particular style are easier to book.
Know your market. Are there enough venues in your area to keep you working?
Set well-defined goals based on your identity, your market and your venues. You’ll need a list of at least 200 well-known songs.  Don’t waste time rehearsing music you’ll never play at a gig.
Do you mind being background filler to earn extra cash?
THE REAL QUESTION: Will your performance sell? I.e. You need to be engaging enough to keep people interested so they continue to buy drinks, stay for the bouquet toss, hang around for the CEO’s boring speech, etc.

How to Find the Gig

    Visit the restaurants and clubs that play styles similar to yours. Introduce yourself to the bartender (they know everything and everyone.)
Network with other musicians. Offer to help them set up or tear down. One good deed deserves another.
Approach each booking contact as a professional.
Do your homework. Before you contact a venue, try to find out what dates are open.
Book at least a month ahead to leave yourself time to promote the date. If you need help, there are all sorts of tips for How to Promote My Event Online and event promotion services to help you.
Know the manager’s or event planner’s first and last name.
Call or go in person. Emails are easy to blow off.
Dress for success.
Bring a set list of covers you can play. But take a laptop so you can show off video and audio of your music, too.
If you don’t have an online press kit, bring a physical one. It should have a bio, discography and press clippings if you have them, contact info and a CD labeled with your name, phone and email address on the disc and the cover in case they’re separated.
Leave a business card with your name, phone, email and website URL on it.

Wherever you end up playing, don’t forget to bring your merchandise. Some managers and event planners will allow it, others won’t. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Having CDs, tees and hats with your logo and website on them will help distinguish you from being just another cover band.
Is there a downside to playing covers? Yeah. You’re background filler and you’re playing other people’s music. But if you look at the big picture, it can be truly worth it—financially and artistically.

Why Should Hire an Event Management Company ?

Every day, there are events happening around us. Whether they are corporate events such as conferences or personal ones like weddings, events are part and parcel of life. When you are tasked with planning an event, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. This is when hiring an event management company becomes a practical choice. Event management companies have become increasingly popular in the recent past. People have realized that it pays to hand over the task of event planning to professional event planners. But why should you even consider hiring event planners?

For starters, event planners understand what goes into planning a great event. They have handled hundreds of events before and know what works and what doesn’t. Over the course of their working experience, event coordinators gather useful contacts that come in handy in the business world. If you are a company for instance, and you are planning to hold a networking event your aim is to bring together folks who will be beneficial to your business. This is when hiring someone who has been in the business of knowing who is who in the corporate world becomes a wise option. Remember you are looking to gain new contacts and new clients. It is important that your event has the right participants. It is also important that the event impresses them.

Planning an event takes a lot of time. In today’s modern world, no one has a lot of free time to spare. Hiring an event management company means that you are left to handle other affairs of your business or life while someone else handles the details of the event. For instance, planning a wedding demands a lot of time and if you work full time you might not have enough time to plan everything. In such cases, it is a great idea to hire an event planner.

Besides time, event planning is also a stressful affair. Sometimes it can seem like everything is going wrong. Perhaps your caterers just called the last minute to cancel. Perhaps you just realized you don’t have the right décor. All this can be very stressful. A corporate and social event planner is trained to anticipate such mishaps and deal with them accordingly. Remember you don’t want to be so stressed that you don’t even get to enjoy the event when it finally happens.

An event management company is also important if you are hoping to keep your event within a budget. A common mistake many people make when planning an event is allowing the event to eat into finances outside of what was intended. A good event planning company will sit down with you and draw up a budget. From this meeting, you will understand what you must have for the event and what you can afford to leave out. All this is important in ensuring that you do not go overboard with the spending.

If you are hoping to host an event, be it a wedding, a fashion show, a product launch event or even a conference, you shouldn’t do it alone. Our team of professional event planners is committed to ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Get in touch with us today.