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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ways to Become a Disney Channel Star

Let me state it at the very onset of this write-up. The chances are slim, and you need to please your stars so that they come in alignment. Becoming a Disney channel star is no child’s play, and you may have to work hard a lot in order to become one. All those stars that you see on the channel have a rich prior work experience to flaunt, and have spent a good amount of time working as an actor in local channels. That makes us believe that even the most top rated stars of Disney Channels didn’t become stars overnight, and have worked really hard to achieve their dream. Therefore, if you’re up for some real strive in the entertainment world, not only do you need to be determined, but also, begin with your training from an early age. While there exists no guarantees or assurances in the glamor world, a nudge in the right direction is what this article can offer you, so that you can work towards attaining your goal. Check out the following pointers that tell you how to go about charting your own path to become a successful Disney channel star.

Get the Necessary Training. Unless you are a star kid, you cannot expect to get a break in a show easily. You need to recognize your talent, work upon it, and groom yourself accordingly. The first step to chasing your dream is to learn the basics of performing. Enroll in a singing, acting, and dancing class, learn various kinds of music, and begin performing at local levels. Not only will it make you self confident about performing in front of the crowd, but it will also make you popular. It takes a lot of determination and strength during such training, and you need to make sure you never give up. What’s more, this field is highly competitive, and hence, you need to keep learning new skills, and create a rich profile that gets you noticed.

Participate in Talent Contests. To get yourself recognized, you’d have to participate in reality shows and music contests that hunt for talented performers for their show. Many shows guarantee a breakthrough to the winner into various Disney channel shows, and hence, this, you should take seriously. Keep in touch with the organizers of the talent shows and contests, and give auditions for all shows. Many high level shows enable online auditioning on their websites, and so, you can register yourself on them, and send your performance video to them. If they like you, they will contact you via phone call or email for the next rounds. If you’re through with the next rounds, you will have to compete with other participants. Here, your training and skills will come handy, and you will have to display your talent in the best way possible, so that even if you don’t win, you at least get noticed.

Check Out for Disney Channel Auditions. You know, you could audition for the channel straightaway, but the truth is, with no achievement in hand, you wouldn’t have fat chances of getting selected. Therefore, after you’ve created a decent portfolio for yourself, participated in a number of reality shows, performed in front of the crowd, and gotten noticed, it’s time you audition for the channel, either through their website, or by going to the audition site personally. The latter is a better option, as you will understand when you see how they actually select people, and what are the various requirements you need to fulfill. Moreover, don’t rely on just one audition, and break down if not selected. There are endless opportunities waiting for you, and you just have to make the maximum use of all.

Hire an Agent. If you think you can handle the pressure of auditioning for multiple shows at various venues, well and good. However, if it’s difficult for you to manage everything, the best option is to hire an agent for yourself, who will keep you updated about the latest happenings, and make use of his/her contacts in the entertainment industry to get you a break. Many aspiring actors and performers do that, and there’s no harm in hiring a person who knows the nitty-gritty of the entertainment industry to help you. However, make sure you don’t hire an agent who has a bad reputation. Do your research, and contact an agent who has a good reputation, and is capable of helping you out in getting that big break in Disney.

If all goes well, soon you can see yourself performing for the Disney channel, and become more and more recognized as your show gets popular. The trick here is ceaseless struggle, and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. Remember, if you don’t get a lead role in the beginning, do away with small ones. This way, you will keep yourself associated with the channel, and if you’re lucky enough, one fine day, you’ll get your dream role. The role that made Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Tisdale, and Hannah Montana the shining stars of tomorrow. The only trick is to never lose the touch, and keep trying, till you get what you aspire for.

Learning Become an Actor With No Experience

In this verse, the great playwright has provided clues for aspiring artists, while also expounding a very profound philosophy about life and acting in general. The very life you live is abundant with experiences that you can draw from when acting onstage or on camera. Though you might think that you have no experience in acting or any entertainment job, you have loads of it on the real stage of life itself, playing multiple roles of a son, father, brother or daughter, mother, sister, and so on. Nothing can prepare you for acting, better than life.

That’s the seed of the central idea to grasp, to master acting. In this article, I have expounded this idea some more, which has been already developed into the form of a ‘method acting’ technique, by theater greats like Constantin Stanislavski and furthered by Lee Strasberg and others in USA. I do not claim authority on this subject. The point of this article is to share with you all; whatever little I learned from my teachers.
How to Become an Actor Without Experience?
What is acting really? They say it’s ‘make believe’, but I call it living an alternative reality. It lets you explore the various possibilities of what you could be. Just being your own self can be boring at times. Acting gives you an opportunity to be someone else for a while. It is voluntarily entering into the psyche of another personality and thinking according to a different set of values and constraints. It lets you explore the many parts of you, which you thought never existed. It lets you deeply explore what it means to be human. Some people dub theater as an experimental lab for psychology. I agree with them, but I consider it to be a ‘truth’ lab, where you explore the meaning of being human.

One of the best ways to begin your own acting studies is to start reading some good plays. Select your favorite role, from one of your favorite plays and prepare to act it out in front of an audience. To learn to act, you must act.

Understand Your Character Thoroughly
“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.” – Johnny Depp

To play a part or a role, you need to temporarily shed the inhibitions and prejudices that make you. To act a part, you must embrace the character that you are playing with open arms. Understand the plot of the play, as well as the psyche of your character. Understand the circumstances in which the person you are going to play, finds himself. Try to understand why your character behaves the way it does. You must try and embrace the idiosyncrasies of the character and try to relate with it. This is the part of acting, which you deal mostly with your ‘brains’. Firstly, understand the rationale behind the play and the character.

Learn the lines or dialogs thoroughly and explore the thought behind every sentence. This will help you picture the circumstances in which the character finds itself. It’s reading between the lines. Some actors go as far as ‘living’ as that person for a while, to understand him or her. They even maintain a diary of a life lived as that character. The idea is to go as close as possible to being that person.

Draw From Your Emotional Memory
“Find in yourself those human things which are universal.” – Sanford Meisner
Draw parallels from your own life, which will help you relate to the character. In psychological terms, it is about delving deeper into your emotional memory. You have to draw parallels from your own experience and actually try to feel what the character feels. Say the dialogs only when you ‘feel’, the way your character does. Let it come out naturally. Let it flow.

No Substitute for Practice
“For most actors, success is achieved through study, struggle, preparation, infinite trial and error, training, discipline, experience and work!” – Robert Cohen
The process of transformation into a character is gradual. It may be that after months of practice, just a few hours before your performance, in a moment of reflection, you understand who that person really is. You get closer only through practice. Acting techniques differ a lot. You will develop your own process with experience.

Enjoy the Process and Go With the Flow
“An actor has to burn inside with an outer ease.” – Michael Chekhov

You don’t need to be worried about having no actual acting experience, as long as you have lived your life with awareness and sensitivity. Enjoy the drama and process of acting and go with the flow. All the rest will follow.

Join a Local Theater Group

“Work for the actor lies essentially in two areas: the ability to consistently create reality and the ability to express that reality.” – Lee Strasberg
In almost every city, there are theater groups looking for new talent. Join one and audition for a role. Your big break might not happen right away. There will be disappointments early on as you are just getting into the groove of what acting takes, but with dedication, being open to feedback, and the willingness to learn, you will do better.

Enroll For a Good Acting Class

“Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It’s not worth it if you are just in it for the money. You have to love it.” – Philip Seymour Hoffman

There are several theater and film veterans who are willing to share their expertise with newbies, through their own workshops and classes. Find one and get enrolled. You will definitely benefit from their experience. Finding a good teacher, whom you totally trust, is half the battle won. Trust the training program he plans out for you and give it your best. Maintaining a positive frame of mind is exceedingly important.

Prepare a Few Performances

“The [Great] Actor is able to approach in himself a cosmic dread as large as life. He is able to go from his dread to a joy so sweet that it is without limit. Only then will the actor have direct access to the life that moves in him, which is as free as his breathing. And like his breathing, he doesn’t cause it to happen. He doesn’t contain it, and it doesn’t contain him.” – Joseph Chaikin

To sell yourself as an actor, besides your portfolio of photographs and resume detailing your past acting experience, what you need are some ready performances of your own. Through these performances, you can showcase the acting talent you possess, to the world. They may be your favorite parts from a play, a famous monologue, a film scene you enjoy performing, or even a self-written stand-up piece. It is essential that you develop such performances and be ready to present them at any moment. In fact, engaging stand-up pieces can even get you a gig somewhere.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Perform

“An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so he must be willing to accept all experiences that life can offer.” – Marlon Brando

To develop confidence in your acting abilities and overcome stage fright is to go up on stage and perform, as frequently as you can. Every venture on-stage and in front of the camera is going to boost your confidence to higher levels and will also help you fine-tune your performance.

Observe and Learn

“One of the most important things I’ve learned about acting is that you can’t separate how you live your life and how you practice your art.” – Larry Moss
You need to always be a sponge, ready to absorb, learn, and observe the performances of great actors, to learn the nuances of the craft. While watching movies, plays, and any performance, study the nuances of a role played by any actor, and especially the masters. By just keeping your eyes open, you can pick up a lot of things.

It Becomes Easier With Love

“Great acting is virtually always heroic and confident. It seems spiritual, easy and profoundly connected. Great actors seem like they are channeling the Gods.” – Anonymous
Why do you want to act? Is it for money, fame, mere validation of the ego, or genuine love for the art. Would you do it if you were not paid for it? If the answer and your motivation is love for the craft and the medium, you are bound to eventually succeed, for only love perseveres when all else fails.

When you need advice, it is always best to go to masters like Stanislavski. His books – ‘An Actor Prepares’, ‘Creating a Role’, and ‘Building a Character’ are highly recommended reading for anybody who wants to seriously learn acting. I wish you all the very best in your endeavors in the future. Your experience offstage and the awareness with which you live your life, is the key you need to unlock your acting potential. Confidence, sincerity, and the ability to let go of yourself will translate into a great acting performance.

Ways to Get a Talent Agent

The basic job of an agent is to get the client’s work noticed by the right people. An agent will fix up meetings various casting directors, producers, or executives, who could give you work that will do justice to your talent. He also acts as your representative while interacting with people regarding your work. Having a good agent is a must if you intend to make it big in any popular field.

Getting a Talent Agent

To get a talent agent, you can search the web for various talent agencies. A talent agent covers a host of professions, such as models, character actors, child actors, singers, and even dancers. Zero in on the agent according to your specialty and other various criteria. Check on the agent’s credentials before you finalize the decision. You will have to mail your resume, along with a picture, for the agent to get an understanding of the talent you possess, and the kind of work you are looking for. In case you have an upcoming performance, invite agents to the performance. If you are able to impress them, your job is a lot easier. Keep approaching different agents even if you meet with rejection in your initial attempts.


The easiest way to get an agent is by letting them know about you. For this to happen, you should start displaying your talent wherever possible. Short films, street plays, theater, or even random videos on YouTube can help in getting you noticed. Once the agent is convinced of the potential you possess, he will surely find you out, instead of the other way round.


The best way to get a modelling agent is to get composite cards or zed cards. These act like business cards for a model, and also help in getting work. It should have about 4 to 5 of your pictures printed on 5×7 cards. Hire a good photographer to shoot these pictures, so that you are portrayed well. Get pictures in different poses and different costumes, like casuals, swimwear, business gear, or even sportswear.

After you have got the comp cards in place, you should look for various agencies. Mail your comp cards to the agencies along with a cover letter. Do not write a thesis on the cover letter; instead, keep the writing crisp and concise, as agents receive a lot of these mails, and do not have time to read long stories. Mention your contact details on the letter for them to get back to you.


It is very difficult to write a screenplay, but it is even more difficult to get it produced. That’s where an agent comes in. If you are looking for someone who will help you get your screenplay produced, you should ideally refer to the Hollywood Creative Directory (HCD) or the America Writer’s Guild website. You will get a list of agents from these locations, which are regularly updated. Choose agents who are specialized in the genre you screenplay is about. Also, shortlisting agencies which have just started is not a bad option, as they may not have a lot of clients at hand. Once you have figured out the agencies you want to approach, make a query letter. This should be short, concise, and should have a brief introduction about yourself along with a short description of your screenplay, and your contact details.

Beware of bogus or fake agencies, and do a thorough background check before you finalize one. Normally agents are paid a percentage of what clients earn on every performance. However, go through the contract properly before you sign it, to avoid any confusion on the remuneration and duties of the agent. All the best!

Superstars in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Love it, hate it, or try to ignore it, but the fact remains that World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry today. The World Wrestling Entertainment has been the center of attention ever since it was first launched. Be it the steroids scandal, or be it something raked up by the concerned parents and other institutions, or the various takeovers and acquisitions the company has been in since the past two decades, or be it simply traditional sports rueing the infinite success and fan following this sports entertainment receives.

One cannot deny the fact that the superstars have been an integral part of the success of WWE. The fans should remember that it is these superstars who take the hits, do not care about the risks and put their bodies on the line in the name of entertainment. This is exactly the reason that they have become superstars in the true sense of the word, and are looked up with respect for the amount of punishment they take and the courage they have, to come up night after night, to entertain the people.

For those who are new to WWE, here is a quick description of the stars ladder:

Jobbers: These are the unknown talents who are basically used to give a push in the wrestling ladder to talent that is getting a bit popular as ‘heels’ or ‘babyfaces’ with the crowds. Heels are wrestlers who basically play the bad part of the storyline. Baby faces are wrestlers who play the good part of the storyline. Jobbers eventually get promoted into the mid-card level.

Mid-Card Level: Mid-card level wrestlers are wrestlers who have a bit of popularity amongst wrestling fans. They can either be heels or babyfaces. Mid-card level wrestlers and jobbers are sometimes used as a part of tag teams to create more exciting wrestling storylines and matches.

Superstars/Top-card level: These are the wrestlers who headline WWE shows and pay-per-views. Superstars have a definite screen presence, and a long and complex storyline behind them. They also have the longest feuds, with some feuds spanning three to four pay-per-views.

Here is a list of the contemporary and past WWE superstars. This list is only about those superstars who have the highest fan following ever:

Hulk Hogan: He and Vince McMahon are credited with taking wrestling entertainment to another level altogether in the seventies and eighties. In fact, Hulk Hogan is considered to be an idol of many of the present contemporary WWE wrestlers.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker can be termed as having the most prolific WWE career ever. Also, his characterization is considered to be one of the most innovative in WWE history. Personally, I think he was the inventor of power wrestling. He is still regarded to have one of the most exciting finishing moves in the industry, and that is a feat in itself. He has had at least three different finishing moves during his career, and all three of them sending the crowd in a tizzy when enacted in the ring.

The Rock: Possibly the most famous wrestler to step into the ring – ever. The Rock was one of the first wrestlers to move from wrestling into Hollywood and make a successful career out of it. Though the Rock was one of the most famous and successful wrestlers, today he is seen as a good enough actor as well as a wrestler. He has acted in lead roles in at least three movies. John Cena and Kane have followed his concept of an all-encompassing entertainer. Hulk Hogan too had made a switch from wrestling to Hollywood at his peak, but his switch did not meet with as much success as The Rock’s did.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: If the Rock is mentioned, Stone Cold will not be far behind. The two have been involved in some of the most entertaining feuds in wrestling history. Stone Cold Steve Austin is known to be a rebellious beer drinker who was the bane for discipline and system during his stint as a wrestler for the WWE.

There are, of course other wrestlers that could be added to the list. These superstars are simply the ones who have stood the test of time, and get as much of fan heat today, as they would have got when they had the first peak of their career, a good ten years back.