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Ways to get Money with Your Music Covering ?

Playing covers isn’t the dream, I know. But it does pay the bills while you work on your “real” music. It also hones your performance and songwriting skills. Surgeons don’t always get to do the history-making operation, and lawyers don’t always get to argue a case in front of a judge.
If music is a profession and not a hobby, then sometimes we have to do what it takes to make a living and invest in our business. And for those who are worried about their rep playing covers: Do you want respect for being a starving artist or do you want a sustainable career as a musician?
Open-mic nights are great for introducing original music, but they don’t pay. Cover gigs are guaranteed money (a couple hundred a night on average). So I think we can all agree that playing covers is better than working at Wal-Mart, right?
And there are ways you can use cover gigs to boost your real music by growing your fan base and introducing your originals to a new audience. So let’s at least consider what playing covers at public and private gigs has to offer.

Public Gigs
Yep, clubs and

Why Should Hire an Event Management Company ?

Every day, there are events happening around us. Whether they are corporate events such as conferences or personal ones like weddings, events are part and parcel of life. When you are tasked with planning an event, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. This is when hiring an event management company becomes a practical choice. Event management companies have become increasingly popular in the recent past. People have realized that it pays to hand over the task of event planning to professional event planners. But why should you even consider hiring event planners?

For starters, event planners understand what goes into planning a great event. They have handled hundreds of events before and know what works and what doesn’t. Over the course of their working experience, event coordinators gather useful contacts that come in handy in the business world. If you are a company for instance, and you are planning to hold a networking event your aim is to bring together folks who will be beneficial to your business. This is when hiring someone who has been in the business of knowing who is who in the corporate world becomes a wise option. Remember you are looking to